Automatic Token Management for ASP.NET Core and Worker Services 1.0

After a pretty long preview period, I am happy to announce that IdentityModel.AspNetCore 1.0 is now on Nuget.

This library solves a problem that we have with every single OIDC/OAuth client we are creating: token management.

Requesting and using a token is the easy part – managing the token and its lifetime is the hard part. But also boilerplate.

The library helps with access token lifetime management for pure machine to machine communication and user-centric applications with refresh tokens.
For user-centric it provides:
  • storage abstraction for access and refresh tokens (default implementation using the ASP.NET Core authentication session)
  • automatic refresh of expired access tokens
  • refresh token revocation
  • token lifetime automation for HttpClient
For worker services it provides:
  • caching abstraction for access tokens (default implementation using IDistributedCache)
  • automatic renewal of expired access tokens
  • token lifetime automation for HttpClient
I’ve been holding back with releasing, because I wanted to get some feedback from more people and customers, and I also wanted to make sure it is ready for all of the advanced scenarios I am using for our new Advanced OAuth workshop.


Best part – it also has docs. See here for workers, see here for web applications – and here for some more info on plugging in your own configuration and storage abstractions.
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1 Response to Automatic Token Management for ASP.NET Core and Worker Services 1.0

  1. BritishCanuck says:

    Thanks for all the hard work on this library. I’m using it all over the place now and it really does simplify the entire token management lifecycle.

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