Updates on our Workshops

I am pleased to announce that we are now offering two workshops. I was mentioning that on Twitter already, and got a lot of questions. So I thought it would make sense to summarise them all in one place.

You can find descriptions for both workshops on our training page: https://identityserver.io/training/

Identity & Access Control for modern Applications using ASP.NET Core
This is our flagship training that we are running now for many years.

This workshop is an introduction to modern security architecture, OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 from the perspective of an ASP.NET Core developer or architect.

When you start building applications using token-based security, there are a lot of moving parts around the protocols and the concrete APIs of your application framework – and you also have to put these blocks together to create meaningful architectures. That’s what this workshop is all about.

The workshop is always very well attended and very often the biggest workshop when run at conferences. This tells us that there is definitely a need for this type of content. We keep evolving it constantly to keep up with ASP.NET Core changes and the industry best practices.

See here for a detailed agenda and watch this video for a sneak peak into some of the topics we cover in this two or three day workshop.

We run this workshop either as in-house versions or open enrolments. Either contact us to discuss an in-house version, or check our page for upcoming open enrolments.

Advanced OAuth
This is our new 1-day course covering all the new specs and everything you need to know to create high security OAuth architectures.

We’ve been involved for the last couple of years implementing OpenID Connect and OAuth in the health sector in Norway. As you can imagine this is subject to many strict laws and regulations. Other highly regulated industries like finance and e-gov had similar pushes, and this resulted in various “higher security” profiles for OAuth and OpenID Connect.

Though pioneered in these high security environments, the specs and guidance is now being consolidated and make their way into “normal” applications that need more security than plain RFC 6749 has to offer.

This workshop starts, where our introduction workshop ends and talks about the latest specs and best practices for securing OAuth and adding additional features like stronger authentication of front- and back-channels, proof-of-possession, sender and audience constraints and much more.

This course is currently only offered for in-house/remote deliveries. If you are a company and are interested in this contact, please contact us. We are thinking about running open-enrolments later this year – so if you are an individual, please also contact us, so we can get a better feeling for the demand.

Here’s the overview page for this training, and here you can find a recent recording covering an excerpt of the security best practices content.

Hopefully see you soon in some training room around the world – virtual or in-person!

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