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Geneva Framework Quick Tip: How to access Configuration

Remember that Geneva framework is a framework – all the nice integration into WCF and ASP.NET is built on top of a public API. This also means that you can use Geneva framework for integration in arbitrary hosts and environments. … Continue reading

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Geneva Framework Quick Tip: Hosting a Security Token Service

The idea of the security token service infrastructure in Geneva is, that it is completely host agnostic. The STS itself expects a RequestSecurityToken and returns a RequestSecurityTokenResponse. It is the job of the host to translate some protocol back and … Continue reading

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Starter STS Screencasts

All two screencasts about the starter STS sample are online now: Setup & Overview (download) Advanced Topics & Configuration (download)

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Thinktecture Security Token Service Starter Kit

I am happy to announce the “Thinktecture STS Starter Kit” sample. The STS starter kit is a compact, easy to use identity provider that is completely based on the ASP.NET provider infrastructure. It is built using the Geneva framework Beta … Continue reading

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Use Geneva Session Management for your own needs

Geneva Framework is a Framework is a Framework. One part of that framework is the SessionAuthenticationModule for ASP.NET. In all the typical samples this is used to convert an incoming SAML token to a cookie to establish an authentication session. … Continue reading

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Thinktecture WS-Federation Metadata Generator

Mr. Metadata strikes back! This time with a generator/wizard for WS-Federation Metadata language. This makes it very easy to create documents that can be consumed by Geneva Server or FedUtil. More info here.

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.NET 4.0 Security

Now that Beta 1 has shipped I am finally allowed to talk about the new/changed security features in 4.0 – but there is no one who can explain these things more elaborate and insightful than Shawn. I just saw that … Continue reading

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