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Configuration for WIF session helper APIs in Thinktecture IdentityModel

Originally posted on brockallen:
I just added a custom configuration section in Thinktecture IdentityModel that will automatically drive the various SAM and FAM helper functions I added a while ago. The configuration looks something like this: <configuration>   <configSections>    …

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Two Weeks to go: NDC Identity & Access Control Workshop

…really looking forward to it! Also announcing a special guest: Pedro Felix will do a introduction lecture on OpenID Connect! See you there!

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Customizing IdentityServer

IdentityServer was designed with extensibility in mind. And since the question how to do that comes up quite frequently, here’s a overview to get you started. Certain parts of IdSrv that we thought might need to be extended or customized … Continue reading

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ASP.NET Web API Authentication: Using multiple (simultaneous) Authentication Methods with Thinktecture AuthenticationHandler

Since day one it was possible to support multiple authentication methods with AuthenticationHandler (see here, here and here for some background). I simply stopped searching for other credentials once I found one of the registered ones. Since one of my … Continue reading

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LeastPrivilege on Flipboard

Curated content seems to be the new thing, here’s mine:

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