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Two days of Claims-based Identity & Access Control Workshop in London

Great news! The London edition of the NDC conference has pre-con workshops and Jakob invited us to hold our claims-based identity & access control workshop there. This is the first time Brock and I are teaching the workshop together, and … Continue reading

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Announcing MembershipReboot

Originally posted on brockallen:
It’s sort of silly that I’m doing an announcement now since MembershipReboot is at version 2.1 (my first release was in January, 2013), but since I never made a formal post on it, this will have…

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Building a federated authentication client with OpenID Connect

Originally posted on brockallen:
Dominick and I have been working hard at implementing OpenID Connect in Thinktecture IdentityServer. Dominick has recently completed the authorization server and user profile endpoint bits. We also just recently completed a sample for a basic…

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IdentityServer: Progress on OpenID Connect support

We just checked in configuration support for OpenID Connect – this includes two things: enable/disable the whole protocol support (it is disabled by default) support for defining OpenID Connect clients in the admin UI What’s missing? We are still working … Continue reading

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The future of OAuth2 and OpenID Connect in IdentityServer

We are very close to an implementation of the OpenID Connect “Basic Client Profile”. This is the “OAuth2 sign-in” feature in IdentityServer that most people want – just done right. In addition we have AuthorizationServer which features a full implementation … Continue reading

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New IdentityServer Feature: Set token type per Relying Party

…as opposed to globally.

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IdentityServer: Overview of OpenID Connect Basic Client Profile

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Troubleshooting IdentityServer

I often get questions similar to: “We are trying to do X – but we only see ‘Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request.’ in the browser. What am I missing” Well – that means an error has occurred..and … Continue reading

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IdentityServer: Preview of the OpenID Connect Basic Client Profile

The mid term plan is that OpenID Connect will replace the plain OAuth2 endpoints in IdentityServer. As a first step, I just checked in a preview of the OIDC basic client profile support (see this doc). The preview consists of … Continue reading

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IdentityServer: Using WS-Federation with JWT Tokens (and symmetric Signatures)

In this post I described how to use IdentityServer to do WS-Federation with JWT tokens. In that post I used the default IdSrv signing certificate to sign the outgoing JWT tokens. There are scenarios where you don’t have certificates but … Continue reading

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