Developing more-secure ASP.NET 2.0 Web Applications
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Guide to claims-based Identity & Access Control
2nd Edition


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  1. Cesar Herrada says:

    Hi Dominick, I want to create an article about Claim-Based applications, I can use the images examples in the guide to claims-based identity & Access Control and translate into my language? Thank you

  2. Jon Trelfa says:

    I would like to contact you regarding consulting for a SAML project using thinktecture. What is the best way to reach you?

  3. Boas Enkler says:

    Hey Dominick. I just want to thank you for your hints (see above) Everything works now, and the pluralsight course was great. From now on I’,m thinking in claims :-) Great Job ! :-)

    PS: Is there a tutorial on the Thinktecture IdentityModel ? What are benefits and so on? Some I have seen in the course but i think there is more than i know :-)

  4. thanks!

    No not really…use the IdentityModel category on the blog for now … will write up something once I have the time.

  5. would love to see a “putting it all together” tutorial for identity server and identity model.

  6. Greg says:

    Is it still possible to get the book (A guide to claims based identity) online. The link seems to be broken

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