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Sod This!

I usually don’t listen to podcasts. But I must admit that Sod This! is quite entertaining. Oliver along with his buddy Gary do a nice mixture of geek-ish talk, interviews and just plain nonsense. Very recommended!

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Fixing Token Kidnapping

I while ago I wrote about the “Token Kidnapping” vulnerability in Windows. By looking at the slides and POC it becomes clear that there is no easy fix for that. According to Microsoft, the problem is fixed now – and … Continue reading

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Krise? Nein! „Service-Orientierung heute und morgen“: 5 Tage volle Power und praktisches Wissen

Sind Sie auch müde, ständig von „Krise“ und „Einschränkungen“ zu lesen? Sind Sie nicht jemand, der sich immer weiter entwickeln möchte und fit für die heutigen Problemstellungen aber auch vorbereitet für zukünftige Herausforderungen sein möchte? Wir haben da was für … Continue reading

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PPID Information and Generation Examples

This article provides useful information on generating interoperable PPIDs.

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Custom Principals in WCF with Geneva

WCF has an extensibility point to set your own IPrincipal implementation on Thread.CurrentPrincipal (I wrote about that here). Geneva uses this mechanism to set its IClaimsPrincipal (wrote about that here). Since the standard “slot” for custom principals is already used … Continue reading

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