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P2P, PNRP, Teredo…the Motivation

Since I started playing around with computers, communication of machines over a “wire” has been fascinating to me. This is probably why I ended up in the distributed applications space. Typically clients talk to servers and servers to servers – … Continue reading

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Using IdentityModel: Converting ADFS Security Properties to Claims

This little helper might be useful when you are working with ADFS, but want to use the IdentityModel types in your app: public static ClaimSet ToClaimSet(this SingleSignOnIdentity identity){    List<Claim> claims = new List<Claim>();     claims.Add(new Claim(identity.NameType, identity.Name, Rights.Identity));     foreach … Continue reading

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Ein Session Abstract ganz genau nach meinem Geschmack

Gesehen auf der JAX2008 Webseite: Security Last – Sicherheitsentscheidungen spät treffenSicherheitsanforderungen wie Logins und Berechtigung sind wichtig – aber müssen diese wirklich gleich am Anfang umgesetzt werden? Das nachträgliche Hinzufügen dieser Anforderungen mit reinem Java und OOP ist sehr schwierig, … Continue reading

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Token Kidnapping

Interesting…and shocking. Read more here:

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Installing an IIS 7 Extension

Related to cleaning up my authentication module for Codeplex, I needed a way to (semi) automatically install a complete IIS extension (including schema, config sections and management extensions). I came up with a batch file that does the necessary steps … Continue reading

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Custom Basic Authentication is now on Codeplex

I also moved my “Basic Authentication against non-Windows accounts for IIS” (phew) project to Codeplex Again, if you have feature ideas or want to contribute, contact me.  

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InfoCardSelector is now on Codeplex

I finally found a new home for my ASP.NET InfoCard control: If you feel like contributing or suggesting new features, you can contact me via this page.

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Developing ASP.NET Applications in Medium Trust

Alex Smolen did a good write up of the various approaches for sandboxing ASP.NET applications. Recommended!

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Beware of Whitespaces in WAS Configuration

This took me a while to solve… In the WAS configuration dialog there must be NO whitespaces in the enabled protocols configuration. Otherwise you will get this error: “Could not find a base address that matches scheme net.tcp for the … Continue reading

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