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P2P and WCF: Some Troubleshooting Resources

These are helpful resource when troubleshooting P2P: Checking cloud status:netsh p2p pnrp cloud show list Checking Teredo status:netsh int teredo show state Enabling ping over P2P P2P Traceroute PNRP Debugging Guide PNRP and WICN on Server 2008

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Zermatt: Using Forms Authentication in a Passive STS

Since all Zermatt samples use Windows authentication to auth against an STS – the question how to use forms authentication instead popped up several times. It is easy to do that. Basically a passive STS endpoint is an ASP.NET handler … Continue reading

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How to build a Development/Test/Demo CA

I often need X509 certificates – but I never really became friendly with makecert. So I ended up running Windows Cerificate Services which proved to be an easy to use, robust solution. You can have one at home or carry … Continue reading

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Most important bug fix in 3.5 SP1

BradA says: “We have brought managed executables in line with native code executables in how they behave when run off a network share.  Yea!” VanceN says: “Hurray, its finally fixed!  manage code ‘just works’ from network file share!” Grats for … Continue reading

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