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The Future of the ASP.NET InfoCardSelector Control

From now on I will make all updates to the control code available via this link. The zip contains the control itself plus the code for the demo site you can find here. I will also include a changelog in … Continue reading

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Demo Site for InfoCardSelector ASP.NET Control

I have uploaded a mini site to test the InfoCardSelector ASP.NET control. The site features three options: self-issued cards with and without SSL and a managed card (using the Microsoft FederatedIdentity test STS). Have fun!

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Updated InfoCardSelector ASP.NET Control for No-SSL Scenarios

Starting with .NET 3.5, CardSpace does not demand SSL connections anymore (see here). Kim shows how to get this scenario to work with “less than 30 lines of code” (link). This involves setting up the object tag, retrieving the clear … Continue reading

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Least Privilege, WCF and Named Pipes

Christian ran into an interesting problem with least privileged WCF service accounts and the NetNamedPipeBinding.   Bottom line: I can only say it again: develop and test your stuff using a standard user account. Don’t do it for me – … Continue reading

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Extension Methods for AntiXss

Playing around with some C# 3.0 language features, I came up with something which is quite useful if you are doing a lot of web in/output encoding. The following extension methods wrap the AntiXss library: public static class Extensions { … Continue reading

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