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Thinktecture.IdentityModel.Http and the ASP.NET Web API CodePlex bits

I will keep the github repo in sync with the major releases of Web API (like Beta, RC, RTM). Because of the changes made to Web API after beta, my current bits don’t build against the CodePlex version anymore. Today … Continue reading

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Identity in .NET 4.5–Part 4: Claims over Kerberos

Today I found this article about the new Kerberos features in Windows Server 8. It also mentions claims and how to enable them. Made me smile ;)

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Thinktecture IdentityServer and Contrib Project now on GitHub

title says it all really. I even have a contribution from the community already – a user repository that authenticates against Active Directory. Thanks Marcel Scherpenisse. URLs are:

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Identity in .NET 4.5–Part 3: (Breaking) changes

I recently started porting a private build of Thinktecture.IdentityModel to .NET 4.5 and noticed a number of changes. The good news is that I can delete large parts of my library because many features are now in the box. Along … Continue reading

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Identity in .NET 4.5–Part 2: Claims Transformation in ASP.NET (Beta 1)

In my last post I described how every identity in .NET 4.5 is now claims-based. If you are coming from WIF you might think, great – how do I transform those claims? Sidebar: What is claims transformation? One of the … Continue reading

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