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Refresh Tokens in IdentityServer4 v4

I already wrote about the hardening of refresh tokens in this post. I would recommend reading this first. The upcoming OAuth 2.1 spec is pretty clear about refresh token handling: If the client is confidential, the refresh token must be … Continue reading

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Announcing IdentityServer4 v4.0

OK – it’s finally done. I published v4 to Nuget earlier today. You can find the complete set of changes/bug fixes/breaking changes here. We had to cut some features which were originally on our roadmap – we’ll revisit them for … Continue reading

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Resource Access in IdentityServer4 v4 and going forward

In my last post I alluded to the tension between real-world token-based security architectures, the OAuth 2.0 scope model, JWT access tokens and the audience claim. We went through a couple of iterations in IdentityServer how we deal with those … Continue reading

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I don’t like Identity Tokens

…or rather the name ;) I bet that if you wake up most “identity professionals” in the middle of the night and ask them what an identity token is, the answer would be “a token about the identity of the … Continue reading

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The JWT Profile for OAuth 2.0 Access Tokens (and IdentityServer)

As part of creating our new Advanced OAuth training, I created a whole lecture on the evolution of access tokens and resource access. It’s fascinating – since the original OAuth 2.0 spec does not have any information about the token … Continue reading

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