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StarterSTS 1.5 Download and thinktecture IdentityServer

The source code for StarterSTS 1.5 can be found here. The new Codeplex space is (not published yet).

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StarterSTS 1.5

I have the 1.5 version of StarterSTS sitting here for quite some time now. But I was always reluctant to release it. Some of the reasons are: too many new features for a single (small) version change. to many features … Continue reading

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Logging Output of Azure Startup Tasks to the Event Log

This can come in handy when troubleshooting: using System; using System.Diagnostics; using System.Text;   namespace Thinktecture.Azure {     class Program     {         static EventLog _eventLog = new EventLog(“Application”, “.”, “StartupTaskShell”);         static StringBuilder _out = new StringBuilder(64);         static StringBuilder _err = new StringBuilder(64);           … Continue reading

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Adding a Certificate to the Root Certificate Store from the Command Line (e.g. as an Azure Startup Task)

The title says it all ;) certutil -addstore root LeastPrivilegeCA.cer

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