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UserName SupportingToken in WCF

There has been some mentioning of supporting tokens recently (here and here). Supporting tokens allow adding additional tokens to a SOAP security header – at least one token (usually the primary token) must be capable of providing the necessary key … Continue reading

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WCF 3.5 and Partial Trust

This is a good summary of things that work and don’t work when WCF is used in partially trusted AppDomains. I especially like this sentence: “The best way to discover that a piece of information or action is unavailable when … Continue reading

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Web Deployment Projects for Visual Studio 2008

(note to self) download here.

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Jörg Neumann in da House

I am very happy to announce that Jörg Neumann has joined thinktecture. Jörg is the UI master, a SQL Server expert and an overall really great guy. Looking forward working with him!

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LeastPrivilege on RunAs Radio

A few weeks ago I did a recording with Richard and Greg for RunAs Radio. That was fun. It is now online. Have fun and support the show!

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ASP.NET Internals Spelunking II

Suppose you want to step through one of the built-in HttpModules in ASP.NET. This doesn’t work by traversing the callstack. There is another little “trick” to get this working: Go to Debug/New Breakpoint/Break at Function Enter the function name, e.g. … Continue reading

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ASP.NET Internals Spelunking

When I wrote the ASP.NET book I pretty much lived in Reflector 24/7 to figure out all the gory implementation details. Back then it would have been great to be able to simply set breakpoints in some of the low … Continue reading

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