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10th Anniversary

…seems that this blog is now ten years old. Who would have thought.

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Claims-based Authentication does not exist (for crying out loud)

…as much as there is no “role-based authentication”. Rather use “claims-based identity” or “token-based authentication” kthxbye

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100k Downloads of Thinktecture IdentityModel

Amazing! Thanks for all the feedback – but keep in mind that this package is deprecated. For Web API => v2 and MVC >= 5 please use the new Thinktecture.IdentityModel.Core and family.

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IdentityServer v3 Nuget and Self-Hosting

Thanks to Damian and Maurice we now have a build script for IdSrv3 that creates a Nuget package *and* internalizes all dependencies. So in other words you only need to reference a single package (well strictly speaking two) to self … Continue reading

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Web API 2 Excel File Export With OAuth2 Implicit Flow

Originally posted on Software Engineering:
This article demonstrates how to set up a Web API 2 excel file download using OAuth2 Implicit Flow. The application requires an Authorization Server and Identity Server V2 from Thinkteckture and also the excel Media…

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Covert Redirect – really?

In the era where security vulnerabilities have logos, stickers and mainstream media coverage – it seems to be really easy to attract attention with simple input validation flaws. Quoting: “Covert Redirect is an application that takes a parameter and redirects a … Continue reading

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