What’s going on?

I just realized that my last blog post was over half a year ago when we announced our new company Duende Software.

So what happened in the last 6 months of my life? In short – a ton!

We left our comfort zone and started a new company to be able to improve IdentityServer and make it a full time business. Of course this involved learning lots of new things like legal, finance, understanding how software purchase processes work etc… All things we never were involved with before.

Finding the right pricing structure was another really hard thing to figure out. We never anticipated that IdentityServer is being used in so many and radically different scenarios – both self-hosting/SaaS, re-distribution and many ways in-between.

We had to adjust our pricing a couple of times and we also introduced various special offers and the community edition in particular.

And, finally we had the chance to focus on the code again! We added a couple of really good features that were on our backlog for quite some time including:

You can follow progress and planned feature on our issue tracker and repo.

We are mostly done for our 5.x releases and think that .NET 6 will be a very important release for us and our customers. It is the next version of .NET that has a long term support – and thus a good platform to run token services and identity management systems on. We will soon move our main branch to our 6.0 work.

I don’t have high hopes that I will be blogging a lot on my personal blog anytime soon. I will focus on writing more technical post over on our Duende blog – and hopefully find the time to do more “meta” posts here at some point.

Once I have fully figured out all the OSS business things in my head, I am sure I want to write about it ;) I will let you know!

Take care!

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