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New in IdentityServer4: Multiple allowed Grant Types

In OAuth 2 some grant type combinations are insecure, that’s why we decided for IdentityServer3 that we’ll be defensive and allow only a single grant type per client. During the last two years of implementing OAuth 2, it turned out … Continue reading

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IdentityServer4 RC2 released

Yesterday we pushed IdentityServer4 RC2 to nuget. There are no big new features this time, but a lot of cleaning up, bug fixing and adding more tests. We might add one or two more bigger things before RTM – but … Continue reading

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IdentityModel v2 released

IdentityModel is our protocol client library for various OpenID Connect and OAuth 2 endpoints like discovery, userinfo, token, introspection and token revocation. In addition it has some general purpose helpers like generating random numbers, base64 URL encoding, time-constant string comparison … Continue reading

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