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What I don’t like about WIF’s Claims-based Authorization

In my last post I wrote about what I like about WIF’s proposed approach to authorization – I also said that I definitely would build upon that infrastructure for my own systems. But implementing such a system is a little … Continue reading

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What I like about WIF’s Claims-based Authorization

In “traditional” .NET with its IPrincipal interface and IsInRole method, developers were encouraged to write code like this: public void AddCustomer(Customer customer){    if (Thread.CurrentPrincipal.IsInRole(“Sales”))    {        // add customer    }} In code reviews I’ve seen tons of code like this. What I … Continue reading

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Kryptographie für .NET Entwickler auf Channel9

Der zweite Schwung Videos von meinem Besuch bei Microsoft in München ist nun auch fertig. Teil 1 – Historie, symmetrische Kryptografie und Hashing ( Teil 2 – asymmetrische Krypografie, X.509 Zertifikate, PKCS und SSL (

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Access Control Service V2 and Facebook Integration

I haven’t been blogging about ACS2 in the past because it was not released and I was kinda busy with other stuff. Needless to say I spent quite some time with ACS2 already (both in customer situations as well as … Continue reading

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TechDays 2011 Sweden Videos

All the videos from the excellent Örebro event are now online. Dominick Baier: A Technical Introduction to the Windows Identity Foundation (watch) Dominick Baier & Christian Weyer: Securing REST-Services and Web APIs on the Windows Azure Platform (watch) Christian Weyer: … Continue reading

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IdentityServer CTP 1 Refresh

I uploaded a small refresh of IdentityServer to Codeplex. Mostly bug fixes and an experimental OAuth 2 (WRAP) endpoint. I also included a sample RP to go along.

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Using Robocopy to Backup to a NAS

When using Robocopy to backup data to a NAS, I always had the problem that most files were considered “old” on the NAS device (even if they weren’t) – that kind of defeats the purpose of the /MIR switch. Today … Continue reading

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