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Federating IdentityServer with Windows Azure Active Directory

Vittorio describes here in great detail how to provision a WAAD tenant as an identity provider in an ACS namespace. Since we are all using the same technology under the bonnet, this should also work with IdentityServer – and it … Continue reading

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More Information on the Google Security System

Adding to my post from yesterday:  

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Kudos to the Google Security System

While others are still dabbling with OAuth2 – Google does some really sensible stuff! “Dominick, Someone recently tried to use an application to sign in to your Google Account. We prevented the sign-in attempt in case this was a hijacker … Continue reading

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Claims-based Identity & Access Control Pre-Conference Workshop at NDC 2013

This is great news! If you are going to NDC, you can take my identity & access control training as a pre-conference workshop. I have divided the content in a “web apps” day and a “services & the cloud” day. This … Continue reading

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ASP.NET Web API Authentication using the Microsoft Account

The last days I’ve been researching some of the new security features in Windows 8. One of the biggest changes in Windows is definitely the fact that you can now login using your Microsoft Account. I will describe the details … Continue reading

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