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Developer minded Certificate Management Tool

Fellow Developer Security MVP Raffaele Rialdi just released a tool that makes common developer tasks related to certificate a little easier. His tools e.g. supports setting ACLs on private keys, copying thumbprints and generating WCF <identity /> elements. Nice work! … Continue reading

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Wir freuen uns alle schon riesig auf die BASTA! nächste Woche in Mainz. Thinktecture ist dieses Mal vollständig vertreten und Christian, Jörg und ich haben ne nagelneue Demo-Anwendung, die wir am Freitag im Workshop zum ersten Mal öffentlich zeigen werden…spannend… … Continue reading

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StarterSTS v1.5 CTP

I just uploaded a new version of StarterSTS to Codeplex. There have been some dramatic changes since the last public version, so any feedback would be appreciated. This new version is now a .NET 4.0 web application project, and includes … Continue reading

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Fiddler Inspector for Federation Messages

Fiddler is a very useful tool for troubleshooting all kinds of HTTP(s) communications. It also features various extensibility points to make it even more useful. Using the inspector extensibility mechanism, I quickly knocked up an inspector for typical federation messages … Continue reading

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