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Identity in .NET 4.5–Part 1: Status Quo (Beta 1)

.NET 4.5 is a big release for claims-based identity. WIF becomes part of the base class library and structural classes like Claim, ClaimsPrincipal and ClaimsIdentity even go straight into mscorlib. You will be able to access all WIF functionality now … Continue reading

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ASP.NET WebAPI Security 5: JavaScript Clients

All samples I showed in my last post were in C#. Christian contributed another client sample in some strange language that is supposed to work well in browsers ;) JavaScript client scenariosThere are two fundamental scenarios when it comes to … Continue reading

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ASP.NET WebAPI Security 4: Examples for various Authentication Scenarios

The Thinktecture.IdentityModel.Http repository includes a number of samples for the various authentication scenarios. All the clients follow a basic pattern: Acquire client credential (a single token, multiple tokens, username/password). Call Service. The service simply enumerates the claims it finds on … Continue reading

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ASP.NET WebAPI Security 3: Extensible Authentication Framework

In my last post, I described the identity architecture of ASP.NET Web API. The short version was, that Web API (beta 1) does not really have an authentication system on its own, but inherits the client security context from its … Continue reading

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ASP.NET WebAPI Security 2: Identity Architecture

Pedro has beaten me to the punch with a detailed post (and diagram) about the WebAPI hosting architecture. So go read his post first, then come back so we can have a closer look at what that means for security. … Continue reading

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ASP.NET WebAPI Security 1: Introducing Thinktecture.IdentityModel.Http

Over the course of the next posts I will describe the security options you have when writing services using the new ASP.NET WebAPI. Before I start digging into the gory details, all the sample code and concepts I will show … Continue reading

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Thinktecture.IdentityModel.* on GitHub

I uploaded Thinkecture.IdentityModel (core) and Thinktecture.IdentityModel.Web (WCF Web Programing Model) to github. I thought that’s the easiest to make the source code available, especially for the stuff that is work in progress.

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