18 Responses to Training

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  2. Julian says:

    will you be offering this training in london any time soon?

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  4. Larry says:

    Hi Dominick, I love your videos and blogs. I’m wondering do you have any training planed in London soon?


  5. Hi Dominick in Italy when :-)?

  6. Randy says:

    Competing times slots with Brock’s part 2 #NDCLondon ? That’s Sad :(

  7. Nicolas Stubi says:

    When are next trainings?

  8. Anthony says:

    Be nice to see you do some training in Asia

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  10. Mark says:

    Dominick, I have taken a class from Brock before here in LA.(Excellent teacher) I like what you guys have done, but I’m not sure 100 % how to implement Identity Server with ASP.NET Identity(DB users) with Roles and Claims…I have seen some of your examples, but I guess what I need help with is…1 Identity Server for multiple web applications(web api and hopefully mobile down the road)…We have started a new project, but haven’t implemented security yet. We are just logging in with windows AD accounts for now…Is there a tutorial/example the has the Identity Server separate from the web api/MVC application and it can point to our DB with ASPNET Identity tables? I know Brock has a 2 day class in Las Vegas in Oct. which I am trying to get clearance to attend, but I might not be able to wait until then to get security implemented…Can you point me in the right direction? Sorry for the novel…Thanks again.

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