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Windows Azure Root CAs and SSL Client Certificates

I ran into some problems while trying to make SSL client certificates work for StarterSTS 1.5. In theory you have to do two things (via startup tasks): Unlock the SSL section in IIS Install all the root certificates for the … Continue reading

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Windows Azure Diagnostics: Next to Useless?

To quote my good friend Christian: “Tracing is probably one of the most discussed topics in the Windows Azure world. Not because it is freaking cool – but because it can be very tedious and partly massively counter-intuitive.” <rant> The … Continue reading

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Unlocking the SSL Section in Windows Azure Web Roles

Posting the favourite command line snippet seems to be the newest hobby for Azure developers ;) Here’s one that is useful to unlock the SSL section (e.g. for client certificates): %windir%System32inetsrvappcmd.exe unlock config /section:system.webServer/security/access

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Handling Configuration Changes in Windows Azure Applications

While finalizing StarterSTS 1.5, I had a closer look at lifetime and configuration management in Windows Azure. (this is no new information – just some bits and pieces compiled at one single place – plus a bit of reality check) … Continue reading

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Update to DeployManager

Raf did some updates to his tool. It can now generate WIF/WCF certificateReference sections. Nice. Blog post: link: DeployManager.exe

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5000 Downloads of StarterSTS

nice ;) thanks for all the feedback and testing!

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