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IdentityServer Installation Walkthrough

Claudio Sanchez has created a little walkthrough for installing IdentityServer. While he uses B1 refresh, I anticipate no changes for RTM (which is sitting here on my hard drive almost ready for publishing). Thanks Claudio!

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WIF in .NET 4.5–First Observations (2)

WindowsIdentity, FormsIdentity and GenericIdentity now derive from ClaimsIdentity WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent() converts Windows token details (groups for the current Windows versions) to claims. Claims for Windows identities now distinguish between user claims and device claims (Windows 8 feature) WCF now populates Thread.CurrentPrincipal … Continue reading

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WIF in .NET 4.5–First Observations

System.Security.Claims has ClaimsIdentity & ClaimsPrincipal IClaimsIdentity & IClaimsPrincipal are gone. The classes implement IIdentity & IPrincipal now directly All the token handler and low level plumbing is now in System.IdentityModel

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Claims-based Identity in .NET 4.5 and Windows 8

There was not a ton of new information about WIF and related technologies at Build, but Samuel Devasahayam did a great talk about claims-based access control that contained some very interesting bits of information with regards to future directions. From … Continue reading

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