IdentityServer & IdentityManager, Updates and the .NET Foundation

It’s busy times right now but we are still on track with our release plans for IdentityServer (and IdentityManager, which will get more love once IdentityServer is done). In fact we just pushed beta 3-4 to github and nuget, which mostly contains bug fixes and merged pull requests.

The other big news is that both projects joined the .NET Foundation as part of the announcements around open sourcing .NET. Joining the Foundation provides us with a strong organizational backbone to increase the visibility and attractiveness of IdentityServer and IdentityManager to both, new users and new committers. As a current user of one of these projects, this will provide even stronger long-term safety of your investments in the use of these frameworks.

If you want to contribute to any of the projects – you are more than welcome! Please have a look at our contribution guidelines and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Also big thanks to our contributors – and especially Damian Hickey and Hadi Hariri who proved this week that this whole community thing is actually working!

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