MVP Summit Hackathon: IdentityServer v3 on ASP.NET vNext

Today we had a chance to sit together with the ASP.NET team and try moving IdentityServer to vNext.

There are two fundamental approaches for doing that – migrate the code and middleware to the new APIs or host IdentityServer as-is as an OWIN component.

We went for the latter – and lo and behold – after two hours we got everything up and running. Big thanks to Chris, Lou and Dan from the ASP.NET team!

This allows us (at least for the time being) to run IdentityServer on both ASP.NET vCurrent as well as vNext. This will not give us support for the new CoreCLR – but we also have a plan how to tackle that.

If you want to try it out yourself – the code can be found here.

2014-11-06 12.04.53

Update: two hours later, Christian got everything also running on Ubuntu!


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