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End of IdentityServer3 Maintenance

Yesterday we made the decision to stop development and maintenance of IdentityServer3. This has a couple of reasons: IdentityServer4 is the better OpenID Connect and OAuth 2 implementation in every aspect ASP.NET Core 2 is now a mature platform There … Continue reading

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Templates for IdentityServer4 v2

I finally found the time to update the templates for IdentityServer4 to version 2. You can find the source code and instructions here. To be honest, I didn’t have time to research more advanced features like post-actions (wanted to do … Continue reading

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SAML2p Identity Provider Support for IdentityServer4

One very common feature request is support for acting as a SAML2p identity provider. This is not a trivial task, but our friends at Rock Solid Knowledge were working hard, and now published a beta version. Give it a try! … Continue reading

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New in IdentityServer4 v2: Simplified Configuration behind Load-balancers or Reverse-Proxies

Many people struggle with setting up ASP.NET Core behind load-balancers and reverse-proxies. This is due to the fact that Kestrel is often used just for serving up the application, whereas the “real HTTP traffic” is happening one hop earlier. IOW … Continue reading

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IdentityServer4 v2

Wow – this was probably our biggest update ever! Version 2.0 of IdentityServer4 is not only incorporating all the feedback we got over the last year, it also includes the necessary updates for ASP.NET Core 2 – and also has … Continue reading

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Security Advisory for IdentityServer3

One of our users reported an XSS vulnerability in one of our views, which can be potentially used for information disclosure. We confirmed this bug and fixed it. Here’s the official CVE entry. We encourage you to upgrade if possible. … Continue reading

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Authorization is hard! Slides and Video from NDC Oslo 2017

A while ago I wrote a controversial article about the problems that can arise when mixing authentication and authorization systems – especially when using identity/access tokens to transmit authorization data – you can read it here. In the meanwhile Brock … Continue reading

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