IdentityServer4 Roadmap

We didn’t have a lot of time recently to work on IdentityServer4 – and yes, I know there are a lot of open “backlog” issues right now. But fortunately everything is pretty stable and from the open issues, nothing seems to be really a show stopper. If we can’t get back quick enough, it’s mainly because we have to balance our time between OSS and paid work to make it work for everyone. If you think we are not getting back on an issue you opened, feel free to remind us.

Just a quick re-cap what happened recently.

2.3 – we added support for the “Device Authorization Grant” – this spec will go final soon!

2.4 – we added support the current draft of the “Mutual TLS” spec. This was sponsored work, and we are happy we finally have that feature built-in. Working on docs now.

2.5 – will be released fairly soon and will include another sponsored feature I wanted to have for a long time. More details soon.

After 2.5 we will finally get to the “small bugs” – so expect a 2.5.x pretty soon after that.

Then you might have heard that ASP.NET Core 3 Preview3 shipped with the long awaited templates including IdentityServer integration (docs here). This uncovered some problems going forward. Since the current IdentityServer is built against the 2.1 ASP.NET Core runtime, there will be incompatibilities with 3.0 (see e.g. here).

This means that we need to start now to also build against the new v3 bits and the first preview is already on nuget. This doesn’t make things easier…If you find any issues with our previews and ASP.NET Core 3, please let us know!

There will be a 3.0 of IdentityServer4 built against ASP.NET Core 3. This release will probably not have any major updates or new features, but tries to make sure we are not hit by any breaking changes in ASP.NET.

Since ASP.NET Core 3.0 will not be an LTS release, we will pretty soon after our 3.0 start working on a 4.0 targeting ASP.NET Core 3.1 which will be the new LTS. This version will have major feature updates. Confusing? Yes.

IOW – we will need to maintain three branches of IdentityServer soon: 2.x for ASP.NET Core 2.1, 3.x for ASP.NET Core 3.0 and 4.x for ASP.NET Core 3.1. Yay.

This also led to a major re-structuring of our repos. We merged the core IdentityServer repos into a mono repo, updated the build automation and moved to a simpler branching strategy.

Please keep that in mind if we don’t immediately respond to your questions ;)

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