dotnet new Templates for IdentityServer4

The dotnet CLI includes a templating engine that makes it pretty straightforward to create your own project templates (see this blog post for a good intro).

This new repo is the home for all IdentityServer4 templates to come – right now they are pretty basic, but good enough to get you started.

The repo includes three templates right now:

dotnet new is4

Creates a minimal IdentityServer4 project without a UI and just one API and one client.

dotnet new is4ui

Adds the quickstart UI to the current project (can be combined with is4)

dotnet new is4inmem

Adds a boilerplate IdentityServer with UI, test users and sample clients and resources

See the readme for installation instructions.

is4 new

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2 Responses to dotnet new Templates for IdentityServer4

  1. Hassan Mousa says:

    Thanks Dominic,

    Im new in IS4, I installed the Quickstart using entiityframework. Im using VS2017 and build for core 1.1,

    When I run the server http://localhost:5000/.well-known/openid-configuration im getting HTTP Error 502.3 – Bad Gateway ,
    when I run the MVC client I get IOException: IDX10804: Unable to retrieve document from: ‘http://localhost:5000/.well-known/openid-configuration’.

    please advice if I have to do configuration for db before run

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