SQL Data Services Query Injection

The “query language” of SQL Data Services is basically a LINQ statement as a string, e.g.:

from e in entities where e[“username”] == “{0}” && e[“password”] == “{1}” select e

Do you see a problem here?

Of course string concatenation combined with “no-schema” flex entities allows all kinds of injections. Marcus and I did some tests, e.g. try entering the following username for the above statement:

foo” || “” == “

This will select all users. I am sure there are other tricks, too.

So again – be aware that you have to validate all of your input! Some things you can do here include:

  1. run a regular expression over your inputs to make sure it only contains legal characters
  2. escape character like quotation marks and back slashes
  3. use e.g. the Single() LINQ operator on the returned entity list when you know that only one entity should be returned (otherwise something must be wrong).


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