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Claims-based Identity & Access Control Training in February

I just got email confirming the February run of the “identity course” in Oslo. great! There are seats left and you can book here. Cu!  

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More Compatibility between Thinktecture.IdentityModel JWT and Microsoft JWT

Reader centralbin comments: “In fact the reverse is also true : You can configure TT-STS as an IP-STS in ACS. The JWT tokens issued by TT-STS can also be consumed in ACS. The only “gotcha” is that you manually need … Continue reading

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Compatibility between Thinktecture.IdentityModel JWT and Microsoft JWT

I just did a quick test – the JWT token handler in Thinktecture.IdentityModel can consume and validate JWTs coming from Access Control Service. Thought I let you know ;) Nice.

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Azure Authentication Library

Azure Authentication Library (AAL) is slowly turning into a really useful “easy to use” library to write client code against Microsoft identity back-ends like Windows Azure Active Directory and Access Control Service (and hopefully ADFS too at some point). Very … Continue reading

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“Windows Azure, Identity & Access – and you” Talk from Cloudburst 2012

My talk from Cloudburst 2012 is available here: This was a nice little conference. recommended. (make sure to also watch Christian’s ServiceBus talk, which also involves identity quite a bit ;)

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WIF & .NET 4.5 Identity and Access Control Training

Just a quick update – I will run my public WIF class for the last time on the 14th/15th November in Oslo (the dates on the page are not correct anymore). After that there will be a brand new .NET … Continue reading

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Taking Control over Azure Access Control Service HRD (without the Help from jQuery)

Vittorio wrote a post earlier today showing how to fetch the identity provider feed from ACS and use it to drive the sign-in handshake from within your application and UI. This is indeed a very useful (and user friendly) approach. … Continue reading

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