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Native OIDC client sample for Windows that uses custom URI scheme handler

Originally posted on brockallen:
Since the release of our IdentityModel.OidcClient client library we have had iOS and Android samples for using the system browser to allow a user to authenticate with the token server. Receiving the results from the system…

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Announcing PolicyServer

Over the course of the last years Brock, Michele and I have all been actively designing and implementing identity solutions for customers of all sizes and industries. Solutions range from simple to complex – and almost always involve both identity … Continue reading

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NDC London 2018: IdentityServer Update

We are at NDC in London right now and are about to start our session “IdentityServer4 v2 on ASP.NET Core v2 – an Update”. For those who can’t be here – you can find my slides on Speakerdeck. There will … Continue reading

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Sponsoring IdentityServer

Brock and I have been working on free identity & access control related libraries since 2009. This all started as a hobby project, and I can very well remember the day when I said to Brock that we can only … Continue reading

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Updated Templates for IdentityServer4

We finally found the time to put more work into our templates. dotnet new is4empty Creates a minimal IdentityServer4 project without a UI. dotnet new is4ui Adds the quickstart UI to the current project (can be e.g added on top … Continue reading

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Missing Claims in the ASP.NET Core 2 OpenID Connect Handler?

The new OpenID Connect handler in ASP.NET Core 2 has a different (aka breaking) behavior when it comes to mapping claims from an OIDC provider to the resulting ClaimsPrincipal. This is especially confusing and hard to diagnose since there are … Continue reading

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End of IdentityServer3 Maintenance

Yesterday we made the decision to stop development and maintenance of IdentityServer3. This has a couple of reasons: IdentityServer4 is the better OpenID Connect and OAuth 2 implementation in every aspect ASP.NET Core 2 is now a mature platform There … Continue reading

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