Updated Templates for IdentityServer4

We finally found the time to put more work into our templates.

dotnet new is4empty

Creates a minimal IdentityServer4 project without a UI.

dotnet new is4ui

Adds the quickstart UI to the current project (can be e.g added on top of is4empty)

dotnet new is4inmem

Adds a basic IdentityServer with UI, test users and sample clients and resources. Shows both in-memory code and JSON configuration.

dotnet new is4aspid

Adds a basic IdentityServer that uses ASP.NET Identity for user management

dotnet new is4ef

Adds a basic IdentityServer that uses Entity Framework for configuration and state management


Install with:

dotnet new -i identityserver4.templates

If you need to set back your dotnet new list to “factory defaults”, use this command:

dotnet new --debug:reinit

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8 Responses to Updated Templates for IdentityServer4

  1. davidhayes1 says:

    How do i combine identityServer 4 with the ASP.Net Core with Knockout or Angular template? any ideas?

  2. Ruhrpottpatriot says:

    When using the configuration approach the client and resource secrets are written to the settings file, thus can be checked into source control. ASP.NET Core has a secrets store for that. How would I use a configuration approach in combination with the secrets manager?

    • If it’s code config you can use the secret manager just as usual. If it is JSON config – the value is already hashed.

      • Ruhrpottpatriot says:

        So if I understood the flow correctly, IS4 read the config value and uses it as it (i.e. the hashed value). However a client that connects has it’s secret hashed, thus reading the value out of config won’t be any security problem, right?

  3. Xaml Sharp says:

    Love Id4! You and Brock have done something quite amazing for the .NET community… Can we expect any more IdentityServer training videos from you at any stage?

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