IdentityServer4 RC2 released

Yesterday we pushed IdentityServer4 RC2 to nuget. There are no big new features this time, but a lot of cleaning up, bug fixing and adding more tests.

We might add one or two more bigger things before RTM – but mainly we are in stabilization-mode right now.

All the docs have been updated, and the release notes give you more details on the changes.

Please go ahead and try it out – and give us feedback on the issue tracker. The more, the better.

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2 Responses to IdentityServer4 RC2 released

  1. Hi Dom..thanks for your Identity Server Documentation ( One thing i can’t follow is how to run the console identity server at the same time as running the console application when trying to get an access token. Following the documentation doesn’t show how you can “deploy” the identity server locally to get it all working at the same time. Do you have any guidance you can show? Thanks


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