IdentityModel v2 released

IdentityModel is our protocol client library for various OpenID Connect and OAuth 2 endpoints like discovery, userinfo, token, introspection and token revocation. In addition it has some general purpose helpers like generating random numbers, base64 URL encoding, time-constant string comparison and X509 store access.

V1 is a PCL – but V2 now targets netstandard 1.3 (and classic .NET 4.5). Since we have quite a big user base for V1, we didn’t want to break anyone doing that change. This is the reason why v1 and v2 now live in separate repos and can evolve independently if needed.

See the readme for examples what IdentityModel can do – and – as always give us feedback via the issue tracker.

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1 Response to IdentityModel v2 released

  1. Fredrik Strandin says:

    Just have to say that you have done a fantastic job. Be to your course in London and I hope be able to work with on a real project.

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