Trying IdentityServer

We have a demo instance of IdentityServer3 on

I already used this for various samples (e.g. the OpenID Connect native clients) – and it makes it easy to try IdentityServer with your clients without having to deploy and configure anything yourself.

The Auth0 guys just released a nice OpenID Connect playground website that allows you to interact with arbitrary spec compliant providers. If you want to try it yourself with IdentityServer – click on the configuration link and use these settings:

Screenshot 2016-08-17 10.09.34

In essence you only need to provide the URL of the discovery document, the client ID and the secret. The rest gets configured automatically for you.

Pressing Start will bring you to our standard login page:

Screenshot 2016-08-17 11.22.56

You can either use bob / bob (or alice / alice) to log in – or use your Google account.

Logging in will bring you to the consent screen – and then back to the playground:

Screenshot 2016-08-17 11.24.24

Now you can exercise the code to token exchange as well as the validation. As a last step you can even jump directly to for inspecting the identity token:

Screenshot 2016-08-17 11.27.05

The source code for the IdentityServer demo web site can be found here.

We also have a more client types preconfigured, e.g. OpenID Connect hybrid flow, implicit flow as well as clients using PKCE. You can see the full list here.

You can request the typical OpenID Connect scopes – as well as a scope called api. The resulting access token can then be used to call which in turn will echo back the token claims as a JSON document.

Screenshot 2016-08-17 11.45.50

Have fun!


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2 Responses to Trying IdentityServer

  1. Kai Langlie says:

    I think it is great you are creating an ‘official’ IS4 Entity Framework implementation. What is the time line for it? My former boss made some disparaging statements to me that led me on my quest. Please feel free to reuse anything I have done. It has been a lot of fun working on it. I would be glad to contribute or offer any feedback. Thanks, Kai aka PivotalAnimal

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