NDC London 2016 Wrap-up

NDC has been fantastic again! Good fun, good talks and good company!

Brock and I did the usual 2-day version of our Identity & Access Control workshop at the pre-con. This was (probably) the last time we ran the 2-day version on Katana. At NDC in Oslo it will be all new material based on ASP.NET Core 1.0 (fingers crossed ;))

The main conference had dozens of interesting sessions and as always – pretty strong security content. On Wednesday I did a talk on (mostly) the new identity & authentication features of ASP.NET Core 1.0 [1]. This was also the perfect occasion to world-premier IdentityServer4 – the preview of the new version of IdentityServer for ASP.NET and .NET Core [2].

Right after my session, Barry focused on the new data protection and authorization APIs [3] and Brock did an introduction to IdentityServer (which is now finally on video [4]).

We also did a .NET Rocks [5] and Channel9 [6] interview – and our usual “user group meeting” at Brewdogs [7] ;)

All in all a really busy week – but well worth it!

[1] What’s new in Security in ASP.NET Core 1.0
[2] Announcing IdentityServer4
[3] A run around the new Data Protection and Authorization Stacks
[4] Introduction to IdentityServer
[5] .NET Rocks
[6] Channel9 Interview
[7] Brewdog Shepherd’s Bush


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9 Responses to NDC London 2016 Wrap-up

  1. Links 1 and 3 go to the same address “A run around the…”

  2. Still no link to Channel 9 interview? Oversight, or are they really that slow? :)

  3. gondwefelix8 says:

    How can I use Identityserver with users coming from active directory instead of in memory users?

  4. Michael Maier says:

    Do you plan to somehow publish the workshop material for Core version (from NDC Oslo)?

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