IdentityServer3 v2.2

Yesterday we published v2.2 to nuget and github. You can see the release notes here.

Besides a couple of bug fixes and refinements – the big features are support for the introspection specification (rfc 7662) and the OpenID Connect HTTP-based logout specification.

The next post will give you some perspective on introspection and Brock will write up the new features around logout. stay tuned!

PS. Brock and I will be at NDC London in January. If you are interested in identity & access control with Katana and ASP.NET (4&5) – join us!

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5 Responses to IdentityServer3 v2.2

  1. Shane Oborn says:

    It doesn’t appear so, but I was looking for confirmation that IdentityServer3 does not yet support SAML2p Relying Parties (e.g. a relying party that wishes to use ID3 as its IdP using SAML WebSSO)?

    Is this still true?

    • yes – that is true.

    • …and there are no plans to add it.

      • Shane Oborn says:

        Thanks so much for the response.

        Where do you list what types of protocols you support for SP’s that want to use ID3 as its IDP? I see that it supports WS-Fed with a plugin for example.

        And as a sanity check, is it true that the Kentor.AuthServices plugin can only be used to federate ID3 with a SAML2 IdP, but not the other way around?

        Thanks ahead of time Dominick! And thanks for the great framework!

  2. We support OpenID Connect – and WS-Fed as a plugin.

    wrt Kentor – yes.

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