IdentityServer3 v2 Release and other Tidbits (aka what did I miss during Holidays)

I am back from my annual family/summer vacation. This time it was Norway, and it was excellent. Norway has stunning landscapes and excellent breweries – recommended!

During that time Brock released v2 of IdentityServer. This was a big release and incorporated a ton of feedback we got over the last year. Check the release notes because there are a couple of breaking changes.

Alongside we also made updates to the ASP.NET Identity and MembershipReboot support packages. We made the decision to turn them into source code packages that you can include into your projects and customize them to your hearts content.

The main driver for this decision was that many people used the 1.x binary releases as black boxes and never really bothered to understand was a user service really is – and IMO this class is the most important IdentityServer extensibility code you’ll ever write – so own it.

Another confusing thing seems to be our name change – starting with v2 – the Nuget packages are now simply called IdentityServer3.* – we will retire the 1.x feed at some point in the (more distant) future.

All new packages can be found here.

Right before I left, I also sat down with Scott Hanselman to record Hanselminutes. It was about IdentityServer and you can listen to it here.

Up next ist v2.0.1 which includes some bug fixes – it never gets boring!

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