IdentityServer v3 Beta 3

Some of our users already found out and broke the news – so here’s my official post ;)

Beta 3 has been released to github and nuget – 107 commits since Beta 2-1…new features include:

  • Anti-forgery token support
  • Permission self-service page for users
  • Added support to add all claims of a user to a token (and support for implementation specific claims rules)
  • Added more documentation and comments
  • Added token handle and authorization code hashing
  • New view system and support for file system based assets
  • Support for WS-Federation, OpenID Connect and social external IdPs
  • Support for upstream federated sign-out
  • Added flag to hide scopes from discovery document
  • Re-worked claims filtering and normalization
  • Added support for more authentication scenarios, e.g. client certificates

Documentation will be updated, and new samples will be added ASAP – bear with us.

Again a massive thanks to all contributors and the people giving feedback and filing issues – you make IdentityServer better every day!

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5 Responses to IdentityServer v3 Beta 3

  1. Thanks for your excellent work. Excuse me if I have overlooked it in the samples repo, but do you have any examples of external WS-Federation IdPs and upstream single log out? Thanks

  2. Question:
    I see there’s no implementation of IWSTrust13SyncContract.
    In v2 you had the implementation with several bindings available in TokenServiceHostFactory:
    Are there any plans to include that in the future or should one implement it on their own if needed(Needless to say all the relevant and fully working code can be found in v2)?
    All and all i love the abstraction of the new version. Much cleaner. Just missing this part(since i had client libraries and helpers written that use this and work great on v2).

  3. Hi,

    V3 does not support WCF / WS-Trust anymore. We have not planned to add support for it.

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