Getting started with IdentityServer v3

Last night I started working on a getting started tutorial for IdentityServer v3 – while writing it, it became clear, that a single walkthrough will definitely not be enough to show the various options you have – anyways I started with the canonical “authentication for MVC scenario”, and it is work in progress.

Watch this space:

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13 Responses to Getting started with IdentityServer v3

  1. Chris says:

    Dominick, I’ve been looking for some guidance on how to use IdentityServer v3 to implement OAuth2 authentication for a set of Web APIs in other projects, but I don’t seem to be able to hobble it together myself from some of the other samples.

    Is there a sample that just covers this, or will your new walkthrough cover it? I tried modifying the existing OpenID Connect walkthrough but I appear to be missing something.

  2. p4ppn4s says:


    is there a way to use Windows Authentication with IdentityServer v3?
    I mean that I try to login the current Windows User in UserService.PreAuthenticateAsync() and if that fails show the normal login screen?
    I enabled Windows Authentication in the Project Properties but there is no WindowsPrincipal that I could use.


  3. still on todo. Our days also have only 24h. RTM was today. Now we have more time for other stuff.

  4. as for a hint – try setting up Windows authentication and see if you can get to the WindowsPrincipal in PreAuthenticateAsync

  5. sam says:

    The WindowsPrincipal in PreAuthenticateAsync is empty with Windows authentication.

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