Identity & Access Control at NDC London 2014

The NDC Agenda is out now – and Brock and me will do a number of identity & access control related sessions.

Brock will talk about identity management in ASP.NET – which is a huge topic – so he split up his talk into two sessions. I will cover OpenID Connect and OAuth2 – and especially the combination of the two protocols. Looking forward to that!

In addition we will do a 2-day workshop on monday/tuesday titled: “Identity & Access Control for modern Web Applications & APIs” – this will be deep dive in all the things you need to know to implement authentication and authorization into modern distributed applications. See the agenda here.

Early bird ends on 15th October – would be cool to meet you there and talk about security!

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6 Responses to Identity & Access Control at NDC London 2014

  1. Scott says:

    Dominic: I won’t be able to make NDC London 2014. Is there any place to see the identity & access control related sessions online? Thanks.

  2. Scott says:

    Dominick: Sorry for the misspelling of your name in the first post.

  3. Henrik says:

    I am SO looking forward to five great days. The agenda had you and Brock speaking at the same time at one point. Nice to see that has changed :-) Is there anywhere I need to sign up for the workshop (ticket already bought)? Or does one simply show up early Monday morning?

    • Cool! I am not sure – I think they need to contact you at some point because we need to know how many people are attending because of room size..

      • Henrik says:

        RTFT (Read The F…… Ticket) :-). I found this on the actual ticket:

        If you have purchased a workshop pass or the All Access
        Pass you will receive information about how to sign up to the
        different workshops. The workshops Venue is the Crowne
        Plaza Hotel situated opposite the ExCeL Venue.

        Still waiting though.

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