IdentityServer v3 – Beta 2

We just pushed IdentityServer v3 beta 2 to github and nuget.

This time it’s been 161 commits and we added a lot of small things – and a couple of bigger things, e.g.:

  • Update to Katana v3 and JWT handler v4
  • Configurable claims for both identity and resource scopes
  • Added support for acr_values and tenant login hints
  • Improved support for custom grant types
  • Added a RequireSsl switch (thus removing the need for the public host name setting)
  • Reworked some internals like the user service, token service, userinfo endpoint, sign in message and validation pipeline
  • Added support for hybrid flow and thus improved compatibility with the Microsoft Katana OpenID Connect middleware
  • Added identity token validation endpoint for clients that don’t have access to the necessary crypto libraries
  • More control over CSP and cookies

Docs will be updated in the next days.

As always – thank you very much for feedback, bug reports etc… we are getting closer to RTW!

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5 Responses to IdentityServer v3 – Beta 2

  1. Artur says:

    Awesome! Thanks for Hybrid Flow support.

  2. danielbsig says:

    Having the ability to get user information from ADFS would be really helpful, but I fully understand that there are approximately million other features that need implementing :-)

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