IdentityServer Beta 1-2

Yesterday we pushed another interim release of IdentityServer to nuget.  You can see all commits here if you are interested.

Besides many smaller changes and bug fixes – the main new feature is that you can now configure which claims go into identity and access tokens. This allows sending e.g. a ‘role’ claim to a resource.

Before that change, this always required extending the claims provider. Check the wiki for updated docs.

Internally, everything is based now on Katana and the JWT handler v4 – which allowed to finally fix the data types of claims like ‘iat’ or ‘auth_time’ to numbers (before that the JWT handler only allowed strings). This improvers interop with other OIDC systems. Katana v3 is also a pre-req for supporting WS-Federation and OIDC based upstream IdPs, which is a feature that we will soon start working on.

We also moved all active development to the dev branch and periodically publish dev nugets to myget. See here.

As always, and feedback is appreciated. Thanks for the support so far!

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