Updated IdentityServer v3 Roadmap (and Refresh Tokens)

Brock and I have been pretty busy the last months and we did not find as much time to work on IdentityServer as we wanted.

So we have updated our milestones on github and are currently planning a Beta 1 for beginning of August.

You can check the github issue tracker (or open new issues when you find bugs or have suggestions) or you can have an alternative view on our current work using Huboard.

I just checked in initial support for refresh tokens, and it would be great if you could give that a try and let us know if it works for you – see here.

That’s it – back to work.

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6 Responses to Updated IdentityServer v3 Roadmap (and Refresh Tokens)

  1. leandro says:

    Is there any roadmap for the admin.?

  2. Thanks for your work on this, guys. I am anxiously awaiting this for my own personal use, as well as professionally. For me, the back-end stuff (client resource owner flow) is more important than admin UIs.

  3. Reblogged this on Robin Sedlaczek's Blog and commented:
    IdentityServer makes security easy! Great piece of work, guys!

  4. Prasanna says:

    Hi Dominick, We are beginning to implement the Thinktecture AuthorizationServer with just a local login form, which is great by the way!. But we would like to move to OpenID Connect at a later stage, as the IdSrv v3 has both OpenID connect & OAuth2 server implemented, how easy would it be to move to IdSrv v3 from the AuthorizationServer implementation? will the work be backwards compatible or would it be a re implementation?

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