Introducing Thinktecture IdentityManager


Back in 2005 when Microsoft released the ASP.NET MembershipProvider API, they also included in Visual Studio the ASP.NET WebSite Administration tool. This was used by developers to quickly create and edit users to populate the MembershipProvider database. Given Microsoft’s move away from Membership, this tool was removed from Visual Studio and many developers have missed it. In a similar vein, ever since I built MembershipReboot I’ve been meaning to provide an admin tool to allow similar functionality that was in the ASP.NET WebSite Administration tool.

Well, I finally got around to building said tool — introducing Thinktecture IdentityManager.

IdentityManager is developed as OWIN middleware and can easily be hosted in any OWIN host. Also given the recent release and popularity of ASP.NET Identity, I designed it to support both MembershipReboot and ASP.NET Identity.

It’s very early in its development, but this first preview version is intended to allow developers…

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1 Response to Introducing Thinktecture IdentityManager

  1. Alexey Auslender says:

    Dominick Hi,
    Does ASP.NET Identity 2 support anonymous users?I mean is it possible to manage some user before authentication and then update this user after authentication?

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