Using AuthorizationServer with Nancy (updated)

Since I am currently in the process of updating AuthorizationServer and its samples – I thought it would be the right time to throw away my custom Nancy extensions and use Damian Hickey’s nice Nancy.MSOwinSecurity package instead. The outcome is quite pleasing.

The Startup class now looks exactly like the Web API one (OWIN FTW yay):

public class Startup


    public void Configuration(IAppBuilder app)


        // no mapping of incoming claims to Microsoft types

        JwtSecurityTokenHandler.InboundClaimTypeMap = ClaimMappings.None;


        // validate JWT tokens from AuthorizationServer


            issuer: Constants.AS.IssuerName,

            audience: Constants.Audience,

            signingKey: Constants.AS.SigningKey);


        // claims transformation

        app.UseClaimsTransformation(new ClaimsTransformer().Transform);





…and the controller *cough* module looks like this:

public class IdentityModule : NancyModule


    public IdentityModule() : base(“/api/identity”)





        Get[“/”] = _ =>


                var user = Context.GetMSOwinUser();


                var claims = from c in user.Claims

                                select new ViewClaim


                                    Type = c.Type,

                                    Value = c.Value



                return Response.AsJson<IEnumerable<ViewClaim>>(claims);





Full sample here.

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5 Responses to Using AuthorizationServer with Nancy (updated)

  1. This would look better if we had extension properties in C#, but glad you’re happy with it.

    (Still have on my backlog your suggestions for richer resource azn!)

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