NDC London

I am currently doing the last preparations for next week’s NDC in London. This will be a blast!

Brock and I are doing our claims-based identity & access control workshop on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday part 1 of the Web API “track” starts with Dan Roth – followed by great speakers like Glenn Block, Pedro Felix, Christian Weyer and Darrel Miller. We will wrap up the Web API content on Thursday with a .NET rocks panel debate.

There will be great security content from Louis DeJardin (OWIN/Katana), Christian Wenz (OWASP 2013), Brock (ASP.NET) and Erlend Oftedal (JavaScript) and many more. I will also add some content about Web API security and OAuth2/OpenID Connect.

On top there will be surely the usual “NDC treatment” which means plenty of food and drinks and meeting old and new friends.

..and all that in my most favourite city – looking forward to it.


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