Thinktecture AuthorizationServer v1.0

Six months ago we released the first preview version of AS to the public. Since then happened quite a bit. We went feature complete for v1, did some bug fixing and used AS in a number of customer projects. We also got feedback both internally and via the github issue tracker. Thanks!

Today I’d like to announce v1.0 of AuthorizationServer – get it here.

AuthorizationServer’s feature set is a direct result of the various OAuth2 projects we did over the last two years. We think that the application/client/scope model is very useful in a lot of situations and simplified the architecture of many modern applications we came across. We hope it is also useful for you!


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2 Responses to Thinktecture AuthorizationServer v1.0

  1. Jerry Vinson says:

    Is there a example, or can you provide an explanation on how to convert an existing Web Forms Application to use the Authentication Server?

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