Web API & Security Content at NDC London 2013

I helped putting together some of the content for the first NDC in London. I was mostly involved with the Web API and security related content – surprise ;) Here are some of my highlights (more to be announced soon):

Pre-Con: ASP.NET Web API & SignalR: Lightweight web-based architectures for you
Christian Weyer

Pre-Con: Claims-based Identity & Access Control for .NET 4.5 Applications
Dominick Baier & Brock Allen

ASP.NET Web API 2: HTTP Services for the Modern Web and Mobile Applications
Daniel Roth

Scripting your web API development using scriptcs
Glenn Block

The missing link – hypermedia in Web API
Darrel Miller

Web API Client v2
Darrel Miller

Pragmatic ASP.NET Web API Solutions – beyond ValuesController
Christian Weyer

A deep dive into the ASP.NET Web API runtime architecture
Pedro Félix

Securing ASP.NET Web API (v2)
Dominick Baier

A technical Introduction to OAuth2, OpenID Connect and JSON Web Tokens: The Security Stack for modern Applications
Dominick Baier

OWASP Top Ten 2013
Christian Wenz

Internals of security in ASP.NET
Brock Allen

Identity management in ASP.NET
Brock Allen

The nuts & bolts of OWIN Middleware
Louis de Jardin

Katana Authentication Middleware
Louis de Jardin

Find the full agenda here. cu there!!!

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